2015 Ford Mustang Review #Mustang

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One of the largest numbers of custom vehicles in America is the muscle car. For decades the typical American Muscle Car has been something that just about every American can appreciate and has probably been related to or owned one themselves. The major three cars consist of the Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang. Because we lost the Camaro and Challenger for a while before they were revamped, the Mustang seems to be the most prevalent muscle car that everyone seems to use as a base.

Because of this, I haven’t ever been the biggest fan of the Mustang until the some of the more recent models. When the completely re-done 2015 Mustang came out I knew that this was going to be one for the books. The design itself struck me as timeless like much of the earlier Mustangs that everyone is so fond of. There are no side vents in the redesign and the entire car has some intense and lines that make the Mustang really stick out.

Thanks to some friends over at RAD Rides, I had the chance to test out a custom 2015 Mustang that is a complete one of a kind model. The modifications are undisclosed to keeping the uniqueness of the ride for the driver to expose. It really didn’t matter what was underneath the hood of this GT because it was a complete mad science experiment. when you turn on this custom ride you get a noise that sounds like something out of 1960 Muscle era when there were no restrictions from the government. The sound itself was a rush of excitement itself as I pulled the beast out of the garage.

I was doing my best not to wake the neighbors as it was a little late in the day but I don’t think that happened as even a little touch of the pedal in reverse made a throaty growl. While leaving the neighborhood I was enjoying the throaty back draft noises as did plenty of downshifting in the quiet streets. What I had in my possession was a custom dealer built racecar that had all of the comforts of a modern Ford interior. I just knew I had to make my way to the closest highway so that I could give this baby a go.

While taking off on to the highway I immediately heard and could feel the supercharger that was fitted to this beast. I was blown away with the acceleration and a wonderful soundtrack that had me in awe as I took this custom Mustang down the road. The acceleration could have taken on just about anything on the road as I flew by some evening traffic. This is one experience that I believe everyone needs to have in their lifetime.

Besides the ride height, rims, and a few carbon fiber pieces, you really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this custom ride and another 2015 Mustang GT. Until of course you turn on the car and put your foot to the floor then you’ll be able to tell there’s a little something different about this one. I love when a car is still somewhat of a sleeper as to not give them too much attention even though sometimes that’s much more fun.

To get an experience like this in a custom Ford Mustang GT, you’ll need to be able to afford to get your hands on a custom car from RAD Rides in Garland, TX. You have to appreciate when a group of people can put the right customizations on a car and the results can put a smile on anyone’s face. So when you have the opportunity to get in a custom ride like this, I suggest that you accept the offer.

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