As many of us may know, in the past Lexus as a brand has been considered to be a but boring at times. Made for older people who haven’t a care in the world what their car looked like but enjoyed luxury and comfort. Over the years though, they have degraded themselves to catch a young audience.

In the past, Lexus wasn’t considered to be one of the cutting edge brands when it comes to technology. It was more about simple luxury that anyone could use which always fit their demographic. With the expanding target audience, you find that Lexus has expanded on their views of technology giving customers more than the competition. I know we haven’t talked about it yet, but compared to the re-designed 2015 Mercedes C-Class, you still have more features than the “Class Leading” Mercedes brand. With small creature comforts such as vented seats and blind spot monitoring, you get everything that a Mercedes would have and more depending on the model.

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A car and energy enthusiast wanting to spread his energy to the world!

A car and energy enthusiast wanting to spread his energy to the world!