2016 Volkswagen Golf R Review

Today I am going discuss with you one of my favorite cars on the market and the vehicle that I am currently after as I get myself situated in the wonderful automotive industry. This is a vehicle that I have had so much passion about for years as it has been a dream of mine ever since I could use one of the older versions of car racing in video games. So when I finally had a chance to test out one, you know I had to take that chance like a kid meeting his hero.

I feel like many car enthusiasts think of a sports car as a front engined, rear wheeled drive car with two seats and not much room for anything else and don’t get me wrong, I can agree but there are other combinations that still make a great sports car. The vehicle that I’m so excited to review is the always fun Volkswagen Golf R. This car can easily be overlooked as you can get yourself a Golf R with 2 or 4 doors but it’s all the same as she stays the same size no matter how many doors are on the car. I actually find myself constantly looking at the 4 door version as the one as more striking to look at. Compared to the GTI, the Golf R gets some subtle update looks like different rims, brakes, bumpers, double dual exhaust tips and of course the coveted “R” badge….

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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter

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A car and energy enthusiast wanting to spread his energy to the world!

A car and energy enthusiast wanting to spread his energy to the world!