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While sitting in on a session for We Could Do Better Radio, I was introduced to a Florida band that has a sound I’ve never heard before but have been slightly on a mission to find. After listening to their interview I can understand where an inspiration for such a sound might come from. When you can put together the right musicians and focus on a vision, a band like Dear Tatiana is what you get.

They were on the road at SXSW when my friend and Dallas radio host, Heather Jay discovered them through classic flyer handouts for their show later on that evening. Heather and her crew went to the live performance where they were amazed by the sound Dear Tatiana had created. So much so that she invited them to come back to Dallas for an interview on her show. I had the pleasure of hearing this new song, “Wannabe”, in both forms, live and the studio recording. No matter how you hear the song, it’s going to be a great listen and something you’ve probably never heard.

Dear Tatiana is a crazy fusion of Hip-Hop and Punk music all put together by a younger generation that are all fans of that 90s and early 2000s Hip-Hop and Punk sounds. Each band member has different influences that blend well together to create this unique sound. The track “Wannabe” starts with an epic piano and synth intro that really builds suspense. The beat drops along with the lyrics as this deep voice comes in so well controlled and ready to tell a story.

Speaking of a story, lead vocalist, Thaine, tells us about his life and what’s happening to himself and his friends as they are all growing up. Giving us a personal look into what’s happened to him and the people around him as they have all finished school and are entering into adulthood. This is a song that we can all relate as I quote Thaine, “All I know is, everybody’s getting old kid”. I love the chorus so much as he is trying to find himself just like the rest of us as we set out into this world. He touches on his personal relationship stories as he continues his journey to find himself. Just like every single one of us as we are out in the world searching for answers. This song is about finding yourself and doing what you’re meant to do. Everyone has lows in their life but as long as you continue on and keep trying then you will find the highs to enjoy.

Thaine has a great ear for music as he produces all of these tracks along with his talented band; Alex Ivanov on lead guitar and Mike Fellas on drums to create this one of a kind sound. Their stage presence sets a great tone for every song as they have a large, hard presences on stage as a Punk & Hip-Hop fusion band should. They have such a nostalgic video as Thaine goes around with who I assume are some of the old friends that he is speaking about in the song as they have a night out on the town. It will have you reminiscing about your old friends, the last time you saw them, and how you need to give them a call soon because it’s been too long.

This is a song with some great replay value as it will have you running it back so you can hear your favorite line that brings back that nostalgic moment in your life. Who knew that there was such a unique sound coming out of Florida. Dear Tatiana is one band you’ll want to keep an eye on as their sound grows and progresses into something spectacular.

Watch the video here:

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