Oswin Benjamin — HueMan (ALBUM) @OswinBenjamin

I love it when an artist that I found years ago is progressing well and still doing what is necessary to achieve their goals and dreams. I find a lot of good music on the internet, but every once in awhile I end up finding someone that I believe has star power. One of my star power picks has recently leveled up as with the release of his current project.

The artist that I am talking about goes by the name Oswin Benjamin. I have been keeping an eye on this artist for about two years now after scrolling through SoundCloud to find some new music. I ended up stumbling upon his song “Miracle” which at the time gave me such a relief to the drought of lyrics that I was going through at the moment. None of the heavy lyrically focused artists had dropped something new for a while so I was searching for a new voice and Oswin Benjamin had the right combination. That song came in smooth and soulful then turned into an in your face, live, and refreshing piece of work. This vibe carried through his first project and now he’s back with a second album titled, HueMan.

I give Oswin huge creative and nostalgic points for putting his radio interview clips around a few of the songs that he showcased on air. This gives a personal and inclusive reaction to what you’re hearing. Mr Benjamin has a wonderful New York vibe all throughout this album as if you can feel the city in his lyrics. He gives us some much to think about as he combines his life experiences and knowledge with some questions that he still has about the world to create these unique flows. He touches on religion and relating it to modern times and has questions on why we can’t relate. I love his song “HueMan” which obviously plays on the title of the album in which he touches on being color blind when it comes to skin.

This conscious rapper touches on many topics while still letting out his personal emotions and adventures to keep it personal. To say this simply, even with so much to talk about Oswin still has time to spit straight bars. That’s probably why he uses this unique quick flow sometimes in order to get all of his thoughts on one track. I found it interesting that there’s one song on the album that was also on the previous project. I believe he’s just trying to get the producer that he got it from to hear it but that’s just speculation.

Oswin is all about his lyrics and spreading something better than what seems to be on the radio most of the time, but he still has some of the best production around. This whole album is full of live instruments and freeform jazz that allows him the space to be free and express emotions through not only the words but the production too. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a great sunny day put into a fresh bassline and drums. This whole album is soul itself compressed down and ready to listen to.

This is one artist that I am quite ecstatic to see more music from as he really has the potential to be compared to some of the greats in the industry with the music that he’s creating. I really suggest that you take a moment and listen to one of the next possible lyrical masters in the game. I know I can’t wait to see what will happen next with Oswin Benjamin, are you on the wave?

Listen to the album here:

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A car and energy enthusiast wanting to spread his energy to the world!

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Mr. Vance Paynter

Mr. Vance Paynter

A car and energy enthusiast wanting to spread his energy to the world!

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