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Mr. Vance Paynter
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It’s almost crazy to think that I have been in the car business now for 3 plus years and have been at a few different types of dealerships. There’s so much that goes into the car shopping experience now a days that it’s basically automated anyways. Or so it may be in the future. Technology has drastically changed the way we not only shop for cars but the way dealers and individuals sell cars.

Just think, not too long ago everyone was opening the news paper to the classified section to find deals on great vehicles. Dealers were advertising in the local paper with massive advertisements for deals of the century and 0% rates! Dealers were only competing locally and pricing wasn’t up to what the internet said. Trade values were all based on a little black book that was published every year and every car deal had one hidden in his desk. Now a days everything is internet based including car values for dealers and consumers. Dealers have to buy vehicles based on not only the market value for consumers, but also the value when it comes to the auctions and trade-in values of vehicle. So the margins for dealers have been reduced and are truly determined by technology. Because of all of this new technology you may have noticed that car dealers are going toward more of a no haggle, best price model. This makes car shopping simple and to the point with no worries about being cheated or over paying for a car. Keeping dealers honest and making sure customers great deal

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There’s one saying that I always hear in the car industry and that’s “it’s all about numbers”. What that means for a salesman is the more people you get in front of, the more deals you’ll have. The “numbers” game has now transferred to the technological side of the car business. Everything has some sort of scale or rating from the condition at auction to the stars given on Goggle to the dealership from customers. There are wholesale values, retail values, and loan values on vehicles from NADA, KBB(Kelly Blue Book), and so forth. Heck, Cargurus.com basically determines what cars are going to be purchased by telling shoppers what a bad, fair, good, and great deal for every car listed through their sight. Since they are one of the leading websites for car shopping and lead generation, they basically control most of the market.

Luckily for the consumer this has made the process much easier thanks to technology. Someone who is looking for a vehicle now has the ability to sit down on their couch and search all across the nation for exactly what they are looking for and have it delivered right to their door! I know, that sounds like quite the concept, but with all of the tools we have access to it shouldn’t seem that odd. For example, you can live in Texas and purchase your Chevy truck from New York hassle free! The salesperson wants to sell you a car and will do everything they have to in order to help you feel more comfortable about your car shopping experience. As for myself in car sales, I would send all of my out of state customers full walk around videos, start-ups, and test drives of the vehicle so they can have the same experience as coming to the dealership!

All you have to do is find a local inspector that covers some of the area where your car is located. They will be able to inspect your vehicle from roof to tire tread and send you pictures and videos of everything that you need to know about the vehicle that you are taking a look at. That way you can have peace of mind that you are getting exactly what you want and have no surprises when you get the vehicle you wanted!

Car Shopping has done nothing but get easier for the consumer. You now have the luxury of being able to reach out to anywhere in the country from the comfort of your own home with no hassle of ever going to a dealership! I deliver cars all over Dallas to ensure my customers get the best service and convince of the technological age. Take advantage of the tools in front of you to enjoy a process that use to be a headache!

I am always available to help anyone through the car shopping process! From starting to look for a car with several questions to I’m ready to buy now, I’m here for you!

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