Why I’m so Positive!

Life is very short…I learned this at a very young age. Because of this, I seem to keep in my mind how little moments really are some of the biggest moments in life. You see, I am a high energy salesman at very energetic and well reputable dealership. There’s a lot expected from you when you get hired to work at such a dealership such as Premier Autos of Dallas. Luckily, I fit into that category pretty well. And maybe this is all due to genetics, but from what I have learned this is all about mindset. The real question are, how do you achieve this mindset and where does it come from?

“It” comes from those little moments that I was speaking of earlier in which I look back to realize. I realize how little faults in ones day shouldn’t effect you as much as you think they should. This may sound weird, but I think back to terrible events that have happened in my life quite often. Instead of using that energy to weaken the mind, I use it as a representation to remind myself that times have been bad before. You have to realize how far you have come in that moment in time. You have to remember what has happened to you in the past. You have to remember how much you’re taken on before and at this point nothing should be able to stop you…unless you give up. That’s the difference in being more positive than the person next to you. Some of us give into a situation and let it change your attitude and outlook on what you need to do! That’s what can really get someone in a negative mood so quickly. This might be a hard thing to stray away from, but a strong mindset is necessary at all times!

Starting the day with a positive mindset is the only way to concur the day the way that you see me in these videos of positivity all the time. I listen to others inspire even when I may have thoughts or doubt. I read and post inspirational quotes and idea. And to top it off I make those videos in order to give myself a positive message by projecting it to others. There’s a belief that what you put out in the universe is what you get in return. I don’t like negative so I put out as much positive energy that I can in order to get it in return. There is no way to become successful with a negative attitude. What people will want to be around you and support you when you’re outlook on life is dismal as the next guy? There aren’t many people who live life based on everyone else instead of themselves. There aren’t many people who will be ready at all times to do what others don’t want to do. I am that person. I have always been that person even when I don’t want to be that person. Over time my body has become so reactive to being that person. For example, the more people you help become wealthy, the wealthier you will become. If wealth is what you seek, that should be your mission.

It is truly amazing what mindset can do for a person throughout the day. Many challenges and diversity come our way every day. Many obstacles and situations are presented to us which can be overcome with the power of the mindset that you keep. THERE IS A POSITIVE IN EVERY SITUATION. It just depends on how you think about it. Yes, tragedy is tragedy, I’m one to know that just as well as anyone else. But no matter what, life goes on and in this movement you must thrive. The supportive soul, the understanding soul, the decisive soul, the kind soul, the soul that is ready for anything!

It’s time for you to have a mindset of positive energy as much as possible! What are you going to do in order to keep that mindset throughout every day and through all the adversity that you WILL face. Is this something that one can be prepared for? By continuing to stay in the right mindset and by giving and receiving positive energy, you will find the glowing feeling that I send out to as many as I can every day! Did you catch what keeps me positive?

The answer is mindset from positive influence! That is what puts me in the mood and mindset that I convey to everyone! I take in a lot of positive energy for what’s out there and give that energy as much as possible! That way I receive the energy in return! There are so many ways to find that first positive feeling that everyone gravitates towards. I am always here for a positive message with every video I release. These videos are for me but also help so many people in my life and can help you as well. Seek that energy in myself below. Then give it in ways that have never been imagined! With that process the cycle will continue.

My Positive Energy can be found on most major social media as @mrvancepayner

I vow to do my absolute best to write more articles about positivity, sales, media, and cars. The only passions that I truly have!

Thank you all for reading

Vance Paynter

Premier Autos of Dallas



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Mr. Vance Paynter

A car and energy enthusiast wanting to spread his energy to the world!